Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I totally did something to my back tonight. Will had the nighttime crazies and was climbing over the coffee table for the third time. I pulled her off and onto my lap to have a "talk," and suddenly there was a shooting pain.

It's right under my left scapula, so difficult to press or massage. And every time I turn or exhale too hard there is more pain. I've just taken 3 advil, so hopefully that will help. Maybe a hot bath after Will is really asleep (her room shares a wall with the bathroom).

She had a difficult night too. She has a terrible cough and kept us up with her tossing and turning. At one point she sat up in bed (yes, with us) like she does in the morning and said, "Up!"

It was 4 am.

So yeah. Today was a little rough. Short attention span, a lot of bumping into things and an almost non-existent nap when she really needed one. Let's hope she sleeps a long time before waking up tonight.

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