Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mistaken identity

I can't stop laughing. Oh Meredith, they hold the Terry Fox Run in New York too, you know.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The rest of the story

So. The coffee.
Thursday arrived (last Thursday that is) and no coffee. No refund. No reply to my phone messages.
Then my husband called the Tassimo office Thursday evening, said everything I had been saying for weeks, and was offered coupons for free coffee and given the supervisor's extension and a promise that she would call at 8 am the next day.
And she did call! And she corrected the problem with the computer system! And she promised the coffee would arrive on Tuesday after the long weekend!
(Meanwhile I wrote an indignant blog post in my mind about how my husband was immediately taken more seriously than I had been over multiple phone calls, despite the fact that we said almost exactly the same thing to the same operator even. Sexism, I raged!)
Then Tuesday arrived, and the UPS truck pulled up. They gave me two boxes. One contained four packages of coffee (I had ordered 24). The other was a box of laundry detergent.
How does one even respond to that?
It's hardly worth mentioning that although they sent the rest of the shipment overnight it didn't arrive because they sent it to my old address. (Which I may have used 2 years ago to register my Tassimo machine, but definitely didn't use for this order. Not to mention the fact that the tiny Tuesday shipment made it to my house okay.)
Let's not mention any of that because this afternoon I finally received this:
The coffee was delicious. I am never ordering Tassimo from the Internet again. And that is the end of this story.

(Unless we decide to report them to the better business people, or their head office or someone. Then I will keep you posted.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tassimo sucks (now with update)

Guess what I'm doing? I'm waiting for someone - anyone - at the Canadian Tassimo office to get back to me. Which they probably won't. And I will be forced to call them again. Me, who is afraid of the phone. And confrontation. Which make phone confrontations probably one of my worst nightmares. But you be the judge:

Timeline of my interactions with Tassimo over the past several weeks, faxed to their office half an hour ago.

Jan 10 I place my order for t-discs online with Tassimo

Jan 11 I receive email confirmation of my order, including charge for 5-10 business day shipping.

Jan 13 The transaction appears on my credit card

Jan 14 The transaction is formally posted to my credit card

Jan 22 I call the Tassimo office to check on the status of my order (it has been 10 days). I am told that some of the coffee is on back order but that it should all arrive the next week.

Jan 28 I call the Tassimo office again as my coffee has not arrived. I am told they cannot send it out because my credit card was declined. I fax a copy of my credit card statement to the office to prove that, no, it was charged in full.

Jan 29 I do not hear from Tassimo.

Feb 1 I do not hear from Tassimo.

Feb 1 I call Tassimo to find out what is going on with my coffee and credit card statement. Person on the phone knows nothing, but says she will talk to a supervisor and get back to me. While I am waiting, I contact the main Tassimo complaint line and I am told they will get back to me within 24 hours.

Feb 2 I do not hear from either Tassimo office.

Feb 3 I call the main complaint line and I am told I must deal with the Canadian office directly. I call the Canadian office and they announce that the problem is solved! We're sending out your coffee! I ask why I wasn't contacted and they say it was just resolved. I ask to speak to a supervisor about the discount I will surely be receiving.

Around 4pm a supervisor calls to tell me they will send out the coffee Priority shipping via UPS and refund the cost of the shipping. She does not apologize.

Feb 4 My coffee does not arrive. My credit card is not refunded.

Feb 5 My coffee does not arrive. My credit card is not refunded.

Feb 8 My coffee does not arrive. My credit card is not refunded.

Feb 9 I call the Tassimo office and they tell me my coffee hasn't been sent out because my credit card was declined.

My head explodes.

Then I fax a copy of my statement and a copy of this timeline. I ask that a supervisor contact me with the solution by the end of the day. I am told the supervisors leave at 4:30. I tell the person he better get a move on then.

If you received this timeline, wouldn't you contact the customer immediately? And apologize? And send out boxes of free coffee to try to stop the customer from going out and buying a Keurig?

I'm calling back at four.


So. I called back at four and my contact person had information for me.

Not that he had bothered to call me with it.

Apparently, both the coffee and the refund will be in my hands on Thursday. I'm guessing it is just the refund of the shipping, since they do not seem to care about my business.

I've also sent a copy of my timeline to the main complaint line. Maybe someone there will think this is as appalling as I do?

Until Thursday, I'll be testing out the Keurig machine at my husband's office.