Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flashback (couldn't wait until) Friday: Photographic Evidence Edition

Another box from my parents' crawl space. This time, a photograph:

I'm 15 here, and it has just been announced that I will be representing Canada at an international leadership conference. Clearly, I'm quite excited. But that doesn't quite explain the outfit.

First, the leather mini-skirt/vest combo was my mother's. I know. And she used to wear it while teaching Grade 1. (I couldn't fit into it much after this photograph, but she wore it well into her twenties!) The story goes that my father, who taught Grade 8 at the same school, used to wait in the hall to watch my mother walk her students down to the library. In this outfit. So I can't believe I wore it for the history alone.

I think I can overlook the white turtleneck. Sort of. I mean, a turtleneck? In May? That's ridiculous even for 1990.

But look at my sense of how to appropriately match/style an outfit: since the clothes go "white, brown, brown," I of course will add a white accessory to my head. It looks like some sort of hideous (and thankfully mostly hidden) white bow, which I think was attached to a ginormous barrett, but could also have been a silk pocket square stolen from my dad to use as a glamorous hair adornment.

Moving on to the bottom half of my body. It too requires a white accessory to "balance" the outfit. I suppose I should be grateful that I did not think to go with white nylons and brown shoes. However, I couldn't just wear dark hose and dark shoes - oh no! - I had to wear brown (or some kind of dark sheer) nylons and white (white!) shoes. Shoes that have just enough of a heel to make them hideously unattractive. But then again, what could be more of an eyesore than white shoes with brown pantyhose. Dear god.

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