Monday, November 24, 2008

Preparing for cookies

Today was a fairly quiet day. Grocery shopping before lunch, then a trip to the big book depot after nap. It's a huge warehouse where Will loves to run; the only drawback is how incredibly dusty she gets from playing between the stacks.

To prepare for some interactive Christmas activities, I picked up a collection of holiday cookie cutters at the grocery store. They are really cute, but also made of metal. I realized after buying them that they are probably too sharp for toddler fingers. But then at the bookstore I scored four of those plastic cookie cutters (for a buck!) and a kids' cooking kit. The kit has a cookbook, an apron, a spoon and a rolling pin, as well as a couple more generic cutters. I think I'm going to pick up another kit to use with her playdough. (That last idea was really my mom's, but one I am definitely going to use.)

I think we are going to bake gingerbread and sugar cookies. The gingerbread ones are a lot more Weight Watchers friendly - only 1 point a cookie! Will loved decorating cupcakes at her cousin's birthday party, so I am sure she'll have a blast with the cookies. I'm thinking about doing a batch to use as ornaments too. And maybe some rice krispie trees or wreaths that she can decorate too. We'll see how ambitious I am after the first round.

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