Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Of ponies, tails and trucks

Yesterday my best friend and I took our daughters to the Royal Winter Fair. Will had a great time pointing out all the animals. There was even an "owwwwllll," her new favourite word.

I don't think I like being up here!

Today was a quieter day. I was able to get her hair into two slightly askew pony tails. But by the time we left Costco, she only had one left and her face and shirt were covered in chocolate.

When she isn't looking for "owwwlllls," Will loves
pointing out "truhs" in her books and on the street.

For now, she's fast asleep and I'm off to prep for a spaghetti squash dinner in honour of the new season of Top Chef. (In Canada we're always a few weeks behind. Do not tell me who wins!)

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