Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love Actually, but not today

I was going to write about my forming opinion of "Twilight" (which I finally caved in and bought for five bucks at Costco), but I think I want to actually finish the novel first.

What I really feel like doing is watching "Love, Actually." I only saw this movie for the first time last year - after Christmas! - and it was amazing. It has one of the saddest moments I have ever seen on film, when Emma Thompson goes into the bedroom to pull herself together before taking the family to the Christmas pageant, and Joni Mitchell is singing poignantly in the background. Heartbreaking! (As an aside, I had no idea "pageant" was spelled like that, although it definitely looks right.)

It also has the most romantic scene ever, in the restaurant in Portugal, when Colin Firth proposes to Aurelia in his terrible Portuguese, and she answers in her stilted English. I could watch that scene over and over. I love the "second language" grammar we get to see in the subtitles.

It is also highly entertaining to watch Bill Nighy and imagine him narrating "Meerkat Manor," but that's just an added bonus.

Unfortunately, when Will wakes up from her nap I have to go to Buffalo instead, for a last minute family get-together with the in-laws. Maybe tomorrow, and definitely before Christmas this year.

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