Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to choose a Christmas wreath

It's our first Christmas in our house, and although I am not a very "frou-frou" person (I had to look up the spelling on that one), I do want to add some touches of seasonal decor to the house. Will can already identify Santa, so I definitely want some fun (but not garish) pieces inside. I also really want a beautiful wreath to hang on the front door.

Well. I have no idea how to go about choosing a wreath. The options are endless, and I don't know how to pick one that will really capture the image of Christmas I want to send out into the world. (I know. I know. Just pick a wreath and be done with it.)

But how do I choose? How?

There is the evergreen wreath with adornments. The evergreen wreath without adornments. The pine cone wreath. The pine wreath with poinsettia flowers. The silver (or red or green or blue) ball wreath. The wreath made out of cranberries. The wreath made out of sparkly cranberries. The wreath with the snowman in the middle. The feather wreath in black or purple (that's a definite "no"). The wreath made up of stuffed Santa heads. The wreath made out of twigs.


Maybe I should just go with a star?

(Or a "Welcome" sign with a Santa? Or a snowman? Both?)

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