Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What makes me smile

1. A certain someone choosing "ponies" over clips every day.

2. My cat trying to catch the shadow of a bird perched on our mulberry tree, cast onto the ceiling of the living room.

3. The brilliant sunshine creating that shadow, despite the fact that it is beyond freezing outside today.

4. Finding out that the most adorable raincoat still fits, and finding matching rain boots.

5. Being asked to colour Dora's face "brown" or "blue," and making sure Boots' face is the same colour.

6. Using Harvey Karp's "Twinkle Interruptus" strategy to "trick" Will into a nap without screaming. (Even though that nap didn't last long enough. Then again, does it ever?)

7. The temperature in Savannah is currently 14 degrees celsius. It is supposed to be 21 degrees and sunny on Saturday.

8. My husband and I are going to Savannah on Monday. For a week. Without the child.


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