Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lalala - not in public - lalala

We were out for dinner last night when I heard someone at the table next to us listing some of the character names from "Lost."

Then he started to tell his dining companion (my husband said it looked like his mother) the entire back story of the show.

I have never watched "Lost." But I plan to. I plan to enough that when I heard the first piece of crucial information about how they ended up on the island (which I'm sure viewers didn't find out right away, it was too strange) I literally had to plug my ears and hum softly to myself so as to not hear the entire thing.

I wish I had had the nerve to turn my chair around and tell him to shut it, that some people have not seen the show and - unlike your mother - do not want to be filled in on what's been happening over the past few seasons.

Just a suggestion people: do not discuss TV shows that rely on suspense when you are in public. Please. Some of us are just as clueless as your mother, but we don't want to hear the answers from you.

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Chraycee said...

Oooh! Netflix the seasons! Catch up before it ends - it's an awesome show :) As for finding out a piece of crucial information....don't worry there are suprises in almost every episode!