Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walking on sunshine

Savannah is beautiful and, until this afternoon, hot. Which means that I have not only had an amazing time walking around the city in summer skirts and flip-flops, but found the necessary excuse to purchase said items (along with a summer dress and some cropped pants. And a couple of lightweight tops.) It will be summer in Ontario at some point, so they will go to good use in another month or two (or three).

I go on vacation so infrequently that it seems to have propelled me into a fantasy world where I can buy what I want and eat what I want with no consequences. I'm hoping the excess food intake at least will be balanced by the (literally) hours of walking I've been doing.

I love how you go on vacation and suddenly are willing to walk ridiculous distances you would never walk in your normal life. (Or am I the only one who does this?) Seriously, there will be a museum at Number 14 such-and-such street, another gallery at 612 on that street, a restaurant that sounds good 18 blocks the other way through a park, and then the walking tour meets in front of city hall back downtown.

No problem!

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