Friday, March 20, 2009

Pleasant thoughts

Well. The purple Dora bed extravaganza seemed to be the magical solution to all our problems for a couple of hours last night. Since then, not so much.

Instead of boring you with descriptions of how I am losing. my. shit. and wondering why anyone ever thought I could effectively parent this beautiful and intelligent but holy-hell stubborn child, some pictures from a more peaceful time:

Our hotel balcony at the Marshall House in Savannah. We had to climb out the window to get outside.


One of Savannah's ubiquitous squares.

The live oaks. Wow.

Azaleas. And summer clothes. In March.

Charleston. I would so live here.

Or here. I'm not picky.

Gratuitous shot of myself on the streets of Charleston.
Cold enough here to break out the new spring coat.

The balcony at our Charleston hotel, the King George IV Inn.

Plantation day. This house saved from the Union Army because the owner
posted notices that it was being used as a small pox hospital.
I need to pull out my "North and South" DVDs.

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