Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Saturday night . . .

I completely forgot about Earth Hour. But I did spend at least 20 minutes of it washing plastic plates from Will's party, plates that I had planned to throw out but was shamed into keeping for future use. So that's something.

The party was a success. It was smaller than I anticipated, and that ended up working out well. Both sets of grandparents came, one aunt and one uncle (one per side) and 3 cousins. There were just few enough presents that we let Will open them in front of everyone. She gleefully flung the (most adorable) clothes out of the bags and exclaimed over the owl, grocery cart full of food, tea set, train set and blocks.

The owl cake - in both its iterations - looked amazing. The first one was tall and a little skinny, perhaps unable to fly:

While the second one was so burnt I had to surgically remove the bottom. But it tasted good, and at least he got his wings:

And now I'm off to eat more lasagna, alone, and maybe watch "ER" or "Dollhouse" on the DVR. I can only assume that my husband has fallen asleep (for the second night in a row) while putting our daughter to bed. An unforeseen benefit - or danger - of the big girl bed.

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