Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things around here

The ear infection did in fact go away on its own. Sunday night Will slept pretty well after a midnight shot of ibuprofen, and by Monday morning she said her ear was "yes." Which I take to mean fine.

Sadly, I cannot say the same for my tooth, except that it no longer seems to by trying to kill me. Dig an achingly slow tunnel to China from the back of my mouth, maybe, but this can be kept at bay for longer and longer periods with tylenol ones (bless that non-prescription codeine) and advil. Unless I think about the fact that we don't have dental coverage at the moment. But I'm trying not to do that.

Last night I took Will to an open house at one of our local montessori schools. We're considering preschool for her in another year or so, when she's over 3, but I thought it would be good to start checking out the options. There doesn't seem to be much here other than montessori (not counting your basic daycare) and I don't know enough about the program to evaluate whether it willl be a good option.

Based on first impressions, I'm sure it would be fine. (Obviously I won't be putting a "Montessori or Bust" sticker on the back of my car any time soon.) I like the idea of having kids of different ages in the classrooms. I'm sure Will would enjoy the activities and the socialization. But I'm still not sold on this idea of the kids working their way through these very structured modules. I really do need to do some more reading on the whole philosophy to understand it better. But as an option for preschool, it looks like it would be a positive experience.

The open house came at the end of a very tiring day, in which nap time became an epic battle and the screaming threatened to pull the house down. (I won, but barely.) In the interest of keeping everyone sane, today I opted for the mother-daughter lunch out, followed by the falling asleep in the car on the way home approach to napping.

Lunch with my daughter was a pleasure. Will coloured quietly, ate a tonne of beef filled tortellini and some french fries, and flirted with the wait staff. Now she's sleeping quietly upstairs and I'm about to have a coffee. And today it won't be shaking as I try to recuperate from the screaming. It will just be delicious.

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