Monday, February 9, 2009

I'd rather be blogging

I was hoping for a quiet afternoon to write, but nap time was preceded by a toddler's fall and a mouth full of blood from a gash in a tongue. Nasty.

And also: "That's why we don't want you climbing on that chest . . ." Apparently I am now that I told you so, there is a lesson in this somewhere, parent.

Does it count that she went right back for the chest, blood still dripping from her wound?

Now I'm faced with a kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes and groceries yet to be put away.

The valentines sitting on the dining room table need to be addressed and stamped so they can be mailed this afternoon. Of course, Will received what looks like a valentine in the mail this morning (we haven't opened it yet due to the aforementioned tongue-biting accident), so we have already been scooped in our card-sending plans.

There's also a chicken somewhere in the pile of groceries waiting to be turned into enchiladas, a task which would be much more easily accomplished without an almost-2-year-old trying to "help."

Not to mention the fact that I peeked into the litter box when I was putting the frozen stuff away and, well, let's just say I'm not a very good cat mother. Also, ewwww. And gag.

Wish me luck.

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