Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

I know that bloggers have been doing these kinds of lists for years (and usually with 100 things). I blame my lack of a list on the fact that my blog is less than a year old, but when I saw this thread going around Facebook I thought it was time to give it a try. Of course, this list is quite different from the one that will end up on my Facebook profile.

1. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to travel to the big cities of Europe: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome. In 2006 I finally went on my journey, and I did it on my own. It was amazing.

2. I found out I was pregnant with Will while I was in Paris. Then I went to the Louvre.

3. I took ballet and modern dance classes from the time I was 4 years old until I was 14. There was a group of girls in my class who became progressively more mean to me, but I stuck it out until I finally got toe shoes and was able to dance "en pointe" for a year. Then I quit.

4. Because I wouldn't convert to Islam, my husband and I have a muta or temporary marriage that will be in effect for 99 years.

5. To make our marriage legal, we eloped and were married by an Humanitarian minister two months before our July wedding.

6. My husband's family doesn't know about this secret wedding.

7. I was terrified of my sister's cat until I lived with her for a year. This changed my whole perspective on cats and I now have two of my own.

8. I was a little afraid of my sister until I lived with her for a year. She is six years younger than me.

9. I truly believe that my relationship with my first cat kept me from falling into a depression while I was living in Troy, New York for two years. I was only partially employed, but I was fully devoted to Pasha.

10. I am the oldest of six children, but I never got any of the respect or authority that (usually?) comes with this position. I was resented by my siblings instead.

11. Watching what my mom did as a stay-at-home mom made me never want to be one myself.

12. Will is almost 2 and I'm still at home with her.

13. I love it (except when I don't). This may have to do with the fact that I do not consider "keeping house" to be part of my role.

14. I worked for the Canadian National Exhibition for 9 years, first as a costumed character (Koala, Raccoon, Dog) and later as an office assistant in the Entertainment Department.

15. I once carried ten thousand dollars in U.S. cash from the CNE administrative buildings to the Bandshell to pay the Village People. I was wearing a neon halter top in preparation for the concert later that night. My brother, who was working as a stagehand, accompanied me across the grounds. All we had for defense were a couple of walkie-talkies.

16. My husband and I met at a HOBY youth leadership weekend in the tenth grade (although we don't remember meeting until we were Junior Counsellors together the next year). I am embarrassed to tell people this story.

17. My involvement with HOBY was out of character for me, as I am in no way a "joiner." Strangely, my favourite part of being a SAHM is the activities that Will and I sign up for every season. I am eagerly awaiting the Spring/Summer Leisure guide for our city.

18. I hate making small talk and mingling. If I have agreed to go to any function that requires this, I am certain to panic and regret it the whole day beforehand.

19. It is almost never as bad as I expect. I sometimes even have fun.

20. As a "tween," I was obsessed with Michael Jackson. I had a major discussion with my best friend in the fourth grade because she liked Duran Duran. This worried me. I then wrote Michael a letter after "Bad" came out because he seemed to have lost his "innocence." Must have been all that crotch grabbing.

21. I do not like to eat main dishes that are cold. I hate deli meats and things like tuna and egg salad. I also hate mayonnaise and most other spreads. I prefer to eat my (hot) sandwiches plain (or as my sister says: "so dry").

22. I prefer white wine over red, and my favourite is the semi-dry riesling from Vineland Estates.

23. I enjoy cooking if I know what I want to make and I have all the ingredients. I hate deciding what to make on the spur of the moment. You don't want to spend time with me when I'm hungry but don't know what I want to eat.

24. I am not a crafty person, but I find scrapbooking very relaxing - as long as I can do it on my own timetable. (I'm still working on the early stages of Will's first year, but it's going great!) My scrapbooks are not pretty; I cut up a lot of individual letters to create a "kidnapper/stalker" kind of style.

25. This blog has given me the chance to consider myself a writer for the first time in a long time.

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