Thursday, December 18, 2008

The most unlikely of places

Despite the fact that between us, Will and I are taking a cornucopia of drugs:

we actually had a really fun time at the mall today. I know. It's one week - exactly - before Christmas. And our coughs that won't go away have been diagnosed as respiratory infections. Even then.

What made all the difference was renting one of those car-strollers at the customer service desk. Will loved being in it, and loved seeing other kids zooming by in theirs. She was happy for the entire time it took to get all her father's Christmas presents and one for my mother.

I also had a brilliant moment as we cruised the chaos of the food court: there is a restaurant at the back of Zellers. Beautiful. It was just Will and me and a few elderly couples who were clearly regulars. (Waitress: Can I get you your tea? Older lady: I think I'll have diet coke today. Waitress: Good thing I checked!)

Then I let my happy child run up and down a few ramps in the mall, and we turned in the stroller and headed home. She even fell asleep on the way (and stayed asleep for an hour after I put her in her crib).

Her only moment of panic was when I pointed out Santa, and she had flashbacks of her very brief and unhappy stint on his knee the other day. She kept pointing and saying, "No! No! Oh no!"

Santa from a distance. Happy toddler during the Christmas shopping rush. This captures the magic of the season for me.

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