Friday, May 1, 2009

Trust me, it looks stunning

I just took 16 pictures of myself to show off my new hair, but they all make me look crazy. Self portraits do not seem to be my strongest skill. But in the spirit of actually maintaining a somewhat stylish do throughout the summer, I have pre-booked my next appointment in six weeks. No longer will I be the girl peeking through her overgrown bangs (or pinning them back with a toddler clip), straggly ends fraying in the summer wind.

Anyway. I'm back home and no one is around. I don't see father or daughter in the yard. The car is in the driveway. The shoes seem to be in the front hall. Are they napping? Have they been abducted? Are there simply shoes I have not accounted for?

I would normally be torn between cleaning up and catching up on TV, but yesterday we found not one, not two, but three ginormous black spiders inside of the house. Two were alive, one of which (whom?) was not even in the basement, but on the wall above the television.

Now I am on a quest to rid the house of all as much clutter as possible, to both spot and thwart the evil arachnids from their attempt at invasion. There is nothing worse than seeing a spider and then losing it from your line of sight. It could be anywhere, reappearing at any time.

Arachnophobic much? And I can't let myself freak out in front of my daughter. I had a hard enough time convincing her that she just had to tell the ants to "get down!" when they got too close to her on the deck.

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