Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My friend who hates rats may want to skip this post

There we were, enjoying the weather and a picnic next to the duck pond.

Bagels with cream cheese and sunshine, yum!

There were mallard ducks and Canada geese, geese with white heads and lots of ducklings. And something else . . .

The tail could have been anything, I guess. But then . . .

Templeton, is that you?

I don't know why I kept taking pictures (in between half-shrieking, to no one in particular, "oh my god, that's a rat!") except that I could not believe what I was seeing.

In a completely unrelated story, Will helped set the table on the deck for dinner tonight. She unrolled the place mats, positioned the napkins and plates and forks. Then I brought out the spaghetti sauce in a bowl, and went inside to get the noodles.

When I came back out - moments later - there was sauce dripping out of the bowl onto the table and the deck. Half of the sauce was inedible. I couldn't help myself from reacting: "Oh no! Will! What have you done?"

Then I noticed that each plate had one perfect scoop of spaghetti sauce on it, and I almost died from the cuteness (before explaining that serving the meal was really something that required Mama's or Daddy's help).

In lieu of the dinner helper, more cuteness from after the rat pond duck pond.

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