Friday, May 8, 2009

Imagine the dinner party

Do you want to know something that really annoys me?

Married men who refer to their wives as "the boss."

As in, "I'll have to run that by the boss" or "I don't know. The boss takes care of all of that."

All of that could mean anything: children, the bills, house hunting, the couple's social calendar. So if she's "the boss," what then? It allows the husband to abdicate responsibility for the details of a particular activity. And the turn of phrase itself is ridiculous and demeaning. It's like a throwback to a time when a man could focus on what was really important, and the wife would take care of the rest. And the rest? Just let her think she's got a little bit of power, right boys?

Clearly, I don't consider this term of endearment, well, endearing. So do me one favour.

When I call my husband and you happen to be nearby, don't ask him if he had to "take a call from the boss."

(I wonder if I'll like my husband's new co-worker. Or his wife. Who declared that it was time for her to end her maternity leave to "become a productive member of society again.")

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