Sunday, May 3, 2009

And there's this thing called the Internet

I probably should not admit this to anyone, but I have no idea how Wi-Fi works. Seriously, none. Right now, I am sitting in a coffee shop with my husband's laptop (that's an embarrassment of its own, I know) and I'm online. And it's like magic.

I knew the coffee shop had wireless access. I just didn't think one could access it so easily. I thought there was something you had to install in your computer to make it work. (Please don't say "modem", I'm not that clueless.) I just thought it was a special kind of modem, or something that had to be installed into the modem to be able to utilize this magical service floating in the air.

Just before leaving the house, we also discovered that we could steal the signal from our across the street neighbour. Not that we will be doing this. Even though they are rude and pretentious with their landscaping team and its weekly visit. No signal stealing for us.

And I know I am a million miles behind every other connected person in the developed (and possibly developing world - when my husband was in Zimbabwe he would call me using some guy's satellite phone). But this wi-fi thing? This is freakin' awesome.

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