Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything's coming up tulips

Remember this?

I wasn't convinced those bulbs I kept in the fridge for three weeks would actually grow, but they popped right out of the ground in the early spring. Then in April they were greeted by this:

Oh, the suspense! Would they survive?

YES! Well, except for these three that fell prey to some sort of rabbit? Raccoon lost on the way to the garbage? Giant tulip-eating bird?

I have to say that I am quite impressed with myself. Unlike my husband, who has been spending every non-raining moment of his vacation in the yard or at the garden centre, I am not particularly interested in landscaping. I like to sit outside in a nice garden, reading and/or drinking and/or snoozing, but I don't give much thought to how the garden got that way.

But now. I'm shocked to find that I am really quite interested in what my husband is planting and where (although still not planning to dig any holes myself). Whereas he is the king of shrubs and perennials, I have become slightly stressed at the lack of colourful flowers (apparently called annuals) to fill the void the tulips will leave. I'm even considering growing herbs in a planter of my own.

As for this one, she seems to think she's starring in a movie: Stomping Through the Tulips: A Will and Dora Adventure.

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