Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter rabbit roundup

We have had a crazy few days around here. On Tuesday Will spiked a fever during a playdate at the amazing children's museum in Kitchener. We were surrounded by puzzles and games and her best friend who was "one!" and all Will wanted to do was cuddle.

So instead of staying in town to babysit my nephew while he waited for his brand-new sister, we came home and declared the next day (and then the next) snuggly days filled with Dora and fuzzy clothes and painting Easter eggs.

By Saturday Will was much better, so we headed even further west to visit my dad at the hospital. His surgery went really well, and by his fourth post-op day he was craving visitors and conversation (and by today, cribbage, but I wasn't around for that). Will was thrilled to give her Poppa his very own Easter Rabbit, made out of cotton balls and googly eyes. (And I was very thankful that I thought to grab it on the way out . . . Do you want to give this to Poppa? . . . otherwise we would have been totally outshined by the five or six or twenty pictures of Will's cousins already posted on the bulletin board in his hospital room.)

We took a detour home to meet the new baby. Will very gently held her "head" and "bum" and gazed at her tiny fingernails.

And then it was Easter:
Finally finding a chocolate egg on the lawn at city hall (this was Saturday morning).

Brilliant spontaneous mom moment this morning.

The hunt begins!

The Easter egg hunt was a blast until Will tripped on her pajamas and fell into a corner, luckily cushioned by her basket as the (styrofoam) eggs went flying. This accident revealed that Will is something of a drama queen, as she spent the rest of the day re-enacting the fall - Easter basket full of eggs and all - and anticipating it with hysterical giggles as she watched it over and over again on video.

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