Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All a twitter and a snooze

It's 9:30 pm and I just got downstairs, so this day in operation why won't this child sleep was not much more successful than any other day.

However, I did lie further away from the child than usual while singing our ABBA repertoire, and I did not let her roll against me and tuck my hand underneath her (although I commend Will on an excellent strategy for keeping a sleeping partner close by).

Even better, when I got up to leave and she shot awake in tears, I told her I was putting her books away, gave her a facecloth to deal with her own nose, and then sat in the middle of her room until I was fairly certain she was asleep. (I can't see that far in the dark, and she is tricky, that one.)

Not climbing back into the bed was definitely progress. And I'm downstairs, at least for the moment, so that is some measure of success.

In other news, I have finally added my tweets to the masses. So far I've dealt with pageant gowns, early repair men and cat poop. It's heady stuff, this twittering.

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