Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prelude to a Potty

Will has just woken up from her nap. We're in the bathroom. I flush and wash my hands. She goes over to the toilet and points.

"Yes, sweetie. That's the toilet."

She lifts the lid and points again.

"Do you want to sit on the toilet?"

She looks at me and points again.

"Do you want me to take off your diaper so you can sit on the big potty?"

She nods, very carefully, up and down.

I take her diaper off - it's dry! - and set her on the toilet. She waits, then puts out her arms to come down. As soon as I take her off, she points again and reaches up for me to lift her up.

Again, I put her on the toilet. We wait. She anxiously squirms to get down.

We go into her room. She sits on her playmat quietly and pees.

We are off to get a potty!

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