Friday, September 12, 2008

A little bit country, a little bit growing old

Instead of my J. Crew catalogue, yesterday I received one from Orvis (a company I don't know) focusing on their "Montana Morning" collection.

First, I was struck by the age of the models. Am I suddenly in the "old lady" demographic of clothing? When I'm in the mall will I be directed away from the Gap and Jacob, and shuffled towards stores like Orvis and Tabi?

(When we were in the mall last weekend, Will suddenly needed to, um, do her business. I snuck into the Gap while my husband stayed with her in the main thoroughfare. Suddenly, she made a beeline into (the empty) Tabi store, found her way to the back corner and squatted. Was it the privacy? The wrinkle free, high-collared shirts? Who knows.)

Flipping through the Orvis catalogue, I tried to imagine myself wearing the "Batik-Print Duster" with its ancient cave drawing motif. Or the "Tapestry Corduroy Skirt" in "sumptuous rose and camel." Or maybe the drawstring denim (or "split skirt" of very wide pants).

I suddenly feel the need to buy something at Hollister or Forever 21. No? Maybe just a new shirt from Jacob.

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