Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just don't look too closely at my face

Is it really that embarrassing that my glasses have two different arms?

It was an emergency situation. I was trying to distract Will with the case (not the smartest thing to use as a toy, I know), not realizing she could now pop it open and pull out the glasses inside. Before I could snatch them away, there was a quick twist and SNAP! My glasses were ruined. And of course, we were in the car and I was wearing my sunglasses, so she broke my actual, everyday glasses that I cannot live without.

I needed a quick fix and tape wouldn't cut it (now that would be embarrassing). The first optician place was no help whatsoever: the women informed me in their Eastern European accents that they did not keep any spare parts in the store. Um, right. Fortunately, the guy at Hakim was able to find a relatively close match and install (?) it for ten bucks. Hurrah!

The only problem has been the difference in arm lengths. The glasses very easily fall off my face, and always at the most inopportune times (during diaper changes, for example).

I guess it wouldn't be that embarrassing if this accident had happened yesterday. I am going to the eye doctor next week and will have a new pair within a few days. But the truth is, I've been wearing these mismatched frames for, um, over two months now.

I guess that says a lot about my sense of style. Or the state in which I will allow myself to leave the house. Or my general lack of motivation to complete (even important) mundane tasks.

But I am planning to shave my legs before swimming today! Really.

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