Thursday, October 30, 2008


It felt like only minutes after reading this post by Her Bad Mother that my head started pounding, something big with pointy edges set up residence in my throat, and I could feel my temperature rising.

After a rough night (for me, Will slept almost all the way through) I've been trying to make Will sit through yet another episode of Elmo. No big hardship for her, but she hates that I've been lying down. I've been signing "Mama's head hurts" and "Mama's tummy hurts" but she just signs them back with a concerned look on her face and then starts whining again.

Thanks to Her Bad Mother for being so articulate on this topic. It seems ridiculous, but what I feel the worst about is missing Will's swimming lesson again.

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Her Bad Mother said...

You're welcome. But, um, I hope that you didn't CATCH what you've got from reading that post. You never know ;)

(feel better)