Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday: Arts and Crafts Edition

A couple of weeks after I enjoyed reading the romantic saga of Swistle's 12-year-old self, my parents did what they have been threatening to do for years. They dropped off two ginormous boxes full of stuff from my childhood. And apparently there are more to come.

I discovered that I was rather crafty during my childhood, the 6-11 years. I believe the following piece took that entire 5 years to complete:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is in fact a piece in the "latch-hook" medium. And the Strawberry Shortcake subject places the date of the artifact circa 1982.

Oh, how I enjoyed the latch-hook. And yet I have no memory of ever completing any of my (numerous) kits, even this one, which was definitely my favourite. I briefly considered that my mother might have completed it for me, but she is even less crafty than I am, despite her willingness (and success!) at sewing ballet costumes and capotes. (Don't ask.)

(Okay, they were coats made out of blankets for a Grade 7 overnight trip to Ste. Marie Among the Hurons. And my mother was the only person who could figure out the pattern, and ended up making capotes for half of my class. So perhaps she is more crafty than I am - at least with a sewing machine!)

The next artifact is a painting from 1980, when I was six years old:

It seems that I was very particular in painting my own eyes green (true) and the baby's eyes blue (probably also true). I seem to have fancied myself with very blond hair (not totally wrong for my 6 year-old self), and my sister with none, although she was born with a head of dark hair that later fell out and grew in much lighter.

But take note of the gigantic clown mouth I have painted on myself, that matches both my dress and hair ribbons. Not to mention the terrifyingly huge and dripping (albeit smiling) baby head.

The caption written above reads: "I am playing with my sister. She is laughing. I am saying, 'I love you, baby sister!'"

Ah, the beginnings of the sisterly bond, captured in art.

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