Monday, August 11, 2008

Turns on a dime

We had a very pleasant morning. We went to the fruit market and the grocery store. She didn't fall asleep in the car. We had a delightful lunch. She practiced picking up her chicken with a fork.

We left for our pre-nap stroll.

She fell asleep leaning forward and kept bumping her head. I tried to lean her back. She flailed about. I stopped touching her. She lurched forward again. Then the crying started. I decided not to push a shrieking child by our new neighbours and asked if she wanted to be picked up. She did. I carried all 25 1bs of her in one arm while pushing the stroller with the other. She had a lovely time.

At home, she protested loudly as I carried her into the house and up to her room. She was exhausted but would not settle. I took her to watch the ceiling fan and snuggle in our bed. She tried to poke my eyes out. I took her back into her room. She pulled herself up and let herself fall down. Back into our room. She tried to jump on the bed. Back into her room. Laughing, then crying.

I weighed the option of fighting her to the death versus a coffee and my sanity (not to mention all the non-perishable groceries waiting to be put away).

I scooped her up without speaking to her. I carried her out to the car and buckled her into the carseat. I turned on my favourite radio station instead of her music. I pulled out of the driveway.

She was asleep before we reached the first light.

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