Friday, August 8, 2008

Warning: May causes bruising and increased fibre

I knew that having a toddler would result in some bumps and bruises. I just assumed that the bumps and bruises would be on her. And it's true that Will has had her share of scrapes - including a horrible bruise between her eyes that made her look like a vulcan for over a week, an accident that happened on my watch - it seems like I'm finding new and more disfiguring bruises on myself every day.

I'm currently sporting a hideous purple and green gash on my right thigh from bounding out of bed in the middle of the night to respond to a baby's cry -- and slamming full-speed into the foot of our new bed.

I didn't realize there would be so many opportunities to get injured. Hoisting the stroller in and out of the trunk and down the front steps. Chasing a toddler across and through playground equipment. Protecting a child from falling onto a sharp and/or rough and/or rock hard surface with my own flesh, which is then jammed into the surface even further by the weight of said falling child.

Even more unexpected, however, is my sudden increased intake of fibre. Will absolutely adores eating on her own, in a way that is as "grown-up" as possible. She no longer wants her apples or pears cut into pieces; she wants to eat them whole, the way she sees us eating them. She has enough teeth to eat the flesh of the fruit (it's disconcerting to use the word "flesh" twice in one post. Ew.) but she could easily choke on the skin. So I cut the top and bottom off the apple or pear, remove the skin, and voila -- a perfect snack.

Guess who's been eating all the fruit skins?

The things nobody would think to tell you.

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