Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Open letter to Debbie Travis

Why, oh why must you create such stylish and practical household furnishings? Furnishings that solve the problem of no bathroom cabinets (none!) and look so simple and elegant on the shelf at the store?

Why must you create a chest so perfect that I refuse to browse any further aisles, and load the large but surprisingly light (light!) box into my cart to take home for immediate assembly? With a design that pleases me so much I offer to construct much of this piece on my own instead of foisting it off on my rather handy husband (who has been assembling all other newly purchased consoles and shelf units)?

And why, oh why must this simple, stylish and now absolutely necessary to my home wicker chest be such a motherfucking impossible pain in the ass to put together?!

It's not fair, Debbie Travis. It is simply not fair.

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