Monday, July 7, 2008

How to blow your toddler's mind

Step 1: Give said toddler two plastic cups to play with, Cup A and Cup B. Each cup must be a different colour or pattern. Watch toddler play with cups.

Whatever. Continue drinking coffee.

Step 2: Give said toddler a third cup, a cup that is a duplicate of Cup A. Watch toddler as she tries to figure out how two of the cups are the same, and yet different. Watch her manipulate all three cups to make sense of this new phenomenon.

Amusing to watch. Even better to realize said toddler has been totally engrossed in the cups for a full 13 1/2 minutes.

Step 3: Carefully give toddler a fourth cup, a cup that is a duplicate of Cup B. Step back as toddler's brain stretches and threatens to explode. Watch in amazement as toddler begins to organize the cups in different patterns: Cup A into Cup B, Duplicate Cup A into Duplicate Cup B. Pull apart and repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Cup B into Cup A etc.

Decide said toddler is very intellectually advanced. She may, in fact, be a genius.

Wonder why she has not yet stacked duplicate cups together.

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