Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just because Will napped beautifully for hours and hours in her stroller at my parents' house does not mean she will do the same thing with me.

Maybe she did nap beautifully on her first day home, for more than 2 hours, and woke up perfectly happy.

Maybe she was too uncomfortable on the second day, as the temperature climbed, to nap for more than an hour in the stroller and an additional 30 fussy minutes in her crib.

Maybe today she was ravenous after hitting the park early - to avoid the even hotter temperatures - and wanted a second breakfast or mid-morning lunch. Maybe she was getting so sleepy from all that running around that we were preparing to take her pre-nap walk early when she slipped and slammed her forehead into the coffee table. Maybe after a good cry she fell fast asleep, and then woke up quite happy after an hour, ready to play and then have a late lunch.

Maybe when my parents call to see how we are doing, they should refrain from saying, "So much for that schedule."

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