Friday, July 3, 2009

To Grandmother's house we go

Today I'm taking Will to her grandparents' house for her annual vacation. We've been practicing the way I will call her every night on the phone.

Me: Hello? Who's there?

Will: Me!

Me: Hi Sweet-pea. Are you having fun at Gramma and Poppa's?

Will: Yeah.

Me: What have you been doing?

Will: Play in sandbox!

Me: And where do you sleep at night?

Will: In BIG Dora-ji bed!

(She always adds what sounds like the Indian endearment "ji" to Dora's name. Don't ask me.)

Me: In the big Dora bed?

Will: With Grammo!

Me: That sounds like fun! What are you eating?

Will: 'Moothies!

Me: That sounds delicious. Daddy and I are going to see you in a few days. Have fun with Gramma and Poppa. We love you!

Will: Bye!

While Will and the cats are visiting my parents, we are off on a road trip to Philadelphia. See you when we get back!

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