Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And that is known as irony

It was a chaotic morning. There was fighting! Yelling! Gnashing of teeth!

The littlest scholar dawdled over the television, finally appearing upstairs to get ready.

She got her clothes on without a problem, but fought us over her teeth, taking her loaded toothbrush with her to brush in her bedroom.

How many times have we told you to brush your teeth in the bathroom?

Hair was a struggle, as usual.

You're hurting me! That! Is! Hurting! Me!

By the time we made it downstairs, she had lost her TV program for tomorrow morning.

How can I earn it back?
By showing how well you get ready tomorrow morning!

At the door, she caught sight of her new shoes. Sparkly ballet flats that another girl wore to school. We had not yet decided whether hers would go, but if so they would be indoor shoes only. We were late already; the option to wear them wasn't on the table.

You can guess where this is going.

I want to wear my new shoes!

I'm wearing my new shoes!

My! New! Shoes! Now!

The shoes were promptly placed back in the store bag to tears and hysterics. With just enough time left for my husband to walk her to school.

Fifteen minutes later, I got this text:

Omfg Will has won the award for "cooperation" this month.

Irony at its best.

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Teresa said...

LOVE this! I think Will and H are soul mates. I've been battling the exact same things... and H is also an angel at school. Go figure!