Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just another day

In art class today, Will created a mask, a wand and a persona. She is now Princess of the Sneezing Flowers. This princess wears her mask, adorned with feathers, into the garden where she bends over flowers, making them sneeze. With each "ACHOO!" the flowers release the scent of strawberries. The princess then waves her wand, bringing forth the wind to carry the smell of strawberries into the castle and around the world.

Bea has spent the day smiling, shrieking at the indignity of being put in a carseat, eating, smiling, stuffing her entire fist in her mouth, attempting to propel herself out of her carseat with only the force of her mind and the weight of her head, smiling, and snoozing.

I am just breathing it all in, filled with gratitude.

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