Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The nightmare before Christmas

Will has taken to drawing faces recently. She started with eyes (well, eye sockets) and would ask me to fill in the rest. Then she added noses and mouths, asking me to do the hair and the body. Now she handles all of that, with the addition of teeth, eyebrows and sometimes ears and earrings.
Although I am impressed - very impressed, actually - I also feel like I may have given birth to the next Tim Burton:

Will calls these her "scarecrows" and names them after herself and the other people she knows. Then she asks if she can "shave it off" (I can hardly bring myself to correct her on that one) and draw another one.

It did freak me out a little when I left her alone for a few minutes after her nap, and the map puzzle in her room became the background for ten (!) new scarecrows (in marker):

Highlights of the exhibition included two boys (notable by their short hair).

The snowman, with buttons and a hat.

Happy girl, with long hair.

Finally, freaky girl with a baby.

Clearly, our house is decorated for the holidays!

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