Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hallowe'en Recap

Sensing it would be my last chance to influence Will's costume, and after finally watching the first season of "True Blood," I decided to send my daughter out into the night as a vampire.

Purple is her favourite colour, so the outfit was a big hit, right down to the spider pendant and vampire shoes. The one casualty of the night was the "bones" bracelet of skulls, which somehow got lost on the final stretch of trick-or-treeating. Will was devastated-- until we showed her the stash of smarties in her bag.

Aunt Pisho handled Will's makeup, while my husband gored up my bite.
The wind let up and the temperature stayed fairly mild, so it was a good night for gathering treats.
She was actually most excited about a box of raisins, but when that was gone she happily turned to the smarties. It was a good night.

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