Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another morning

This morning it was pouring rain. I watched my husband leave, knowing he wouldn't be back until after eight tonight. I looked over at my daughter eating her cereal, my heart filled with apprehension.

But. But . . .

We have yet to turn on the TV.

Instead, we built a long, snaking train track. We coloured a picture, glued together some toilet paper-roll binoculars, and made a butterfly covered in pom-poms.

We threw a wet cloth up at the ceiling in my bedroom to remove some of the high cobwebs, the room filling with laughter.

We jumped in front of the mirror - faster and faster - until we just had to collapse on the floor.

We took turns giving each other haircuts with imaginary clips and orange spray. Then she asked for four ponytails, and let me put them in her hair.

Then we went out for lunch for at the Pizza Hut buffet and had a delightful time.

Some mornings are hard. But then there are the ones like today.

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