Thursday, June 26, 2008

We took Will for her 15-month well baby check-up today. It went fine; her ears are clearing up nicely from her (first!) horrible ear infection of a couple of weeks ago. But it made me remember again why it is so important to trust your family doctor, but still realize her limitations in terms of your own child.

For example, she actually asked about toilet training. Toilet training! At fifteen months! Since we are not participating in any sort of elimination communication craziness in this house, that seems a bit premature, don't you think? But of course, since the doctor is bringing it up, I did have a second of panic: should we be toilet training?!

Will is also only saying a couple of words - and those ones sporadically and without repetition - but she signs more than 10 words in context, can communicate very effectively in other ways, and definitely understands what we are saying to her. The developmental guidelines I've read mean she's right on track, so I'm not particularly concerned. Still, it's hard not to get a little defensive when the doctor suggests that when Will starts interacting with other kids, her language will really pick up.

Um, hello? Will interacts with other kids all the time! We've taken Kindermusik classes since she was 6 months old, and we go to swimming and the library's story time. Not to mention getting together with my friends who have kids the same age. My doctor doesn't know our schedule, but it seems presumptuous to make that kind of a comment. And since she does interact with other kids, does that also mean I should be worried about her language?

I'm just glad I know that family docs are not childhood development experts, and I'm the one who spends every day with Will, I know her best. And I don't have any concerns about her language skills.

But if you hung on the doctor's every word without any kind of critical eye? That would be very stressful.

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